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Saint Figures and Patron Saints

Saint Figures and Patron Saints

Since ancient times, saints and patron saints as the role models of the experience of Christianity have shaped the lives of the people; as part of an annually recurring custom, in the devotion of the people to the saints and patron saints as part of the act of patronage, in the creation of legends or in the fine art of woodcarving. Through the centuries, church art as well as wood sculpting has given saint figures certain characteristics and attributes which make the saints recognizable. Simply from general attributes or pieces of clothing like the depiction of a nun or a bishop and martyrs or simple depictions of Jesus cannot be uniquely attributed to figures of saints. As mentioned, this purpose is served by the attributes or characteristics of the individual saints such as the fire at the house for St. Florian, the child on the arm of St. Christopher or the tower for St. Barbara, as well as the tools in the woodcarving shop of St. Joseph.

Honoring a saint and giving the gift of a patron saint.

The image of the individual saint figure is so vivid and versatile as human life itself is and as much as the woodcarving shops can design it. Therefore, every wood statue of a saint or a patron saint which is designed is valuable and timeless. Giving a saint figure of this type is usually for a special occasion, with a special background story; it is usually a unique event in life and leaves behind timeless traces in each home and for each gift recipient who can place a beautiful Madonna or a St. Anthony, for example, into his home.

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