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Wood Carvings - Lorenz – Tyrol Lechtal Nature Park

Woodcarvings are given a special importance in Tyrol's Lechtal Valley. For many decades, the craft of woodcarving has been performed by many communities in the nature park. This tradition of woodcarving has remained even today. The Lechtal Valley area is considered the valley of the wood carvers. You can see just how important the craft of woodcarvings is in the Tyrol's Lechtal Valley are by the man woodcarving shops in the region. Traditional motifs such as crosses, Baroque Madonnas, clowns, nativity figures and much more are crafted just as professionally as modern nativity figures and woodcarving sculptures of all forms. Whatever, the choice: everything is woodcarvings of the highest quality, all hand- crafted. They are genuine small works of art which the woodcarver creates through painstaking and high-precision work. Great wood-sculpting skills, a fine sense of forms and artistic understanding are the basic requirement to a piece of carved art out of a piece of rough wood. The residents of Lechtal understand this perfectly. Numerous wood carvings and carving workshops in Tyrol's Lechtal Valley are the living proof that craftsmanship and art are not opposites but rather an ideal symbiosis. The woodcarver artists create sacred figures in their workshops as well as modern sculpture - part left as natural wood, part glazed and painted in a time-consuming manner, some even gold-plated. The fascination about woodcarvings is tremendous and also grabs hold of some vacationing travelers. So some guests at the Tyrol Lechtal Nature Park take advantage of the opportunity to buy some woodcarvings - they adorn the walls of some homes as high-quality hand-crafted artistic woodcarvings. These wood carvings are also popular as a "souvenir" for all the loved ones back home.

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